The First Batch Of Beers

The first few beers

The first few beers

Here are a couple of pictures of the first brews I’ve made using the brewery.
All of the brews were pale ales of one kind of another, Quite simple recipes to test things out.

The names are from left to right, Spikes Pale Ale, Cheeky Squirrel IPA and Wild Woodpecker Ale.

Everyone who has tried them has been very complimentary about them so I guess they can’t be that bad.

A tip I got from one the home brew forums was to print the labels out on standard paper using a colour laser printer and then stick them onto the bottles my putting milk on back. I had my doubts about this working but it was a resounding success and everyone has been impressed with the quality of the labels.


The ideas and names of the brews were created from things the family has seen in the garden this year, And the labels have photos on them of the animals. We couldn’t really come up with any better ideas anyway.

The beer in this¬†photo is the last remaining bottle of the first few batches, I think I’ll have to get a move on and brew some more. ¬†